Even though our series on defensive shotguns more or less wrapped up earlier this year, we left a lot of ground uncovered. If the comments on our previous articles and videos are any indication, you guys still have a lot of questions about shotgun-related gear, techniques, and strategies for deploying the shotgun as a home defense tool. So, much like our defensive revolver series, we’ll keep bringing you periodic shotgun content in between our coverage of other topics.

Today, we’ve got a video on reloading a shotgun in a home defense context. Low ammo capacity is often cited as one of the weaknesses of the shotgun, so if you’re going to use one, you’d better know how to keep the beast fed. As with most technique-oriented topics, this stuff is much easier to communicate via video than in writing. However, since I know not all of you are the video watching type, I’ve deviated from my normal format of simply pasting the video transcript below, and instead I’ve attempted to paraphrase the content of the video into a more text-friendly form along with some screen captures to help illustrate the techniques. I still think the video is much easier to follow, but I know how it is when you’re sitting in the waiting room at the doctor’s office and you don’t want to frighten the other sick people with shotgun noises coming out of your phone. So just for you, enjoy the pseudo-transcript below.